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Here are some Fintor specific terms that will help you get more familiar with the app.

Initial Realty Offering:

  • This section in the app shows new investment properties that have been added to the Fintor platform. These properties have a predetermined share price, and a limited number of available shares for purchase. Once all of the shares have been purchased of a given property, the property will transition into a 90-day lockup period. During this time, shares can't be bought or sold, however shareholders will receive any available monthly dividends.

Market Trading:

  • After properties in the complete the 90-day lockup period from the Initial Realty Offering, they will move to the Market Trading section. Properties in the Market Trading section are available for active trading during market hours.

Offering Price:

  • The price per share for each initial offer is based on the total cost of acquiring the asset which includes the purchase price of the property, closing fees, sourcing and due diligence expenses, initial reserve amount, and other fees and expenses incurred in the acquisition process.

Portfolio Value:

  • The total value of your active investments, which is determined by the current market price of each share.


  • The position refers to the number of shares that you own, and the current market value of the shares.

Rental Dividend:

  • Properties on the Fintor platform generates monthly income from rent. The dividend is generated from the property's monthly rental income less any operating expenses like maintenance items, and management fees. The dividend per share represents the estimated amount of money that will be distributed over 12 months per each share that is owned.

Total Value:

  • The total value combine the active investments and the cash balance.

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