1. Familiarize yourself with the Fintor app & sign up to be an ambassador in the app.

  2. Study the “Overview Guide.

  3. Develop create ways to promote Fintor + @YourFintorUsername
    (i.e. social media content, flyers, speaking, texting your friends, etc.)

  4. Educate others about Fintor’s benefits

    1. Easily invest in real estate, starting with just $5

    2. Earn monthly passive income from your investments

    3. Enjoy the ability to sell your shares

  5. Track your performance on your Fintor Ambassador Dashboard

    1. New users who input your @username as their referral code will get 1 free real estate share, and you will get a $5 credit. If these new users deposit money into their Fintor account then you’ll receive an additional $10 credit. Investing in properties counts as a deposit.

  6. Redeem your rewards as cash or real estate shares in Fintor properties!

If you ever have questions contact the Fintor team at support@fintor.com!

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