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🚀 Getting Started as a Brand Ambassador
🚀 Getting Started as a Brand Ambassador
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  1. Familiarize yourself with the Fintor app & sign up to be an ambassador in the app.

  2. Study the “Overview Guide.

  3. Develop create ways to promote Fintor + @YourFintorUsername
    (i.e. social media content, flyers, speaking, texting your friends, etc.)

  4. Educate others about Fintor’s benefits

    1. Easily invest in real estate

    2. Earn monthly passive income from your investments

    3. Enjoy the ability to sell your shares

  5. Track your performance on your Fintor Ambassador Dashboard

    1. New users who input your @username as their referral code will get 1 free real estate share, and you will get a $2 credit. If these new users deposit money into their Fintor account then you’ll receive an additional $13 credit. Investing in properties counts as a deposit.

  6. Redeem your rewards as cash or real estate shares in Fintor properties!

If you ever have questions contact the Fintor team at!

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