1. What is Fintor?

    1. Most people want to invest in real estate, unfortunately most people haven’t been able to. And usually it’s due to 1 of 3 reasons. First, it requires a lot of up front cash, second, it’s a fairly complex and difficult process, and third, it can be a long time before you get your money out of the investment. We’re talking years here. And that’s where Fintor comes in. Fintor is a next-gen real estate investing app that solves these problems. With Fintor, you can start investing in real estate with less than $50 bucks, in a matter of minutes, and when your financial needs change, you’ll have the ability to sell your shares in the future to other Fintor users. It’s like the stock market, but for real estate.

  2. Who owns the properties?

    1. Each property listed on the app has been professionally screened and purchased directly by Fintor and placed into a Fintor registered LLC. We then restructure the LLC ownership into shares. At this point Fintor is the owner of the property. So as investors buy the shares, the ownership changes from Fintor over to the investors. And fortunately, the property will still be professionally managed by a 3rd party property manager, so you’ll never have to worry about those late night calls from renters, or paying the property taxes on time. You can think of it like this. Instead of buying shares of a company like Apple or Google, you’re now buy shares of an individual property.

  3. Is investing in Fintor properties safe?

    1. Fintor is registered and regulated by the Security Exchange Commission, which is an independent agency of the federal government. This level of regulation ensures that Fintor is held to a high level of compliance. Additionally, when you invest in a property on Fintor the investment is directly into the property, not into Fintor as a company. This means that your investment would be shielded in the event that anything were to ever happen to the company. Keep in mind that all investments, including real estate, are speculative in nature and do involve a risk of loss. We always encourage our investors to invest carefully.

  4. How exactly does it work?

    1. When a property is released on the Fintor app, it starts in the Initial Realty Offering section. We call this the “IRO” phase. This is similar to when a company is first listed on the stock market, they go through an IPO phase. For these IRO properties, the share price and number of shares is pre-determined. Once the IRO shares have been sold, the property will transition to the “Market Trading” section 90 days later. This seasoning period is due to financial compliance purposes. Here in the “Market Trading” section, investors can buy and sell shares similar to the stock market, which means that you can expect to see the share price change over time.

  5. How do I make money?

    1. All Fintor properties are rentals, structured to generate monthly income. You’ll receive this monthly passive income in the form of a dividend from the rent that is collected minus any fees or expenses, based upon your ownership position. Additionally, as the property value and monthly rent increase over time, the share price can increase. When this happens, you can list to sell your shares at a profit.

  6. When can I sell my shares?

    1. If you buy shares of a property in the IRO phase, then you’ll be able to list to sell your shares 90 days after all of the property’s shares have been purchased. This seasoning period is due to financial compliance purposes. Fortunately, monthly dividends are still paid out during the IRO phase. And if you buy shares of a property from the “Market Trading” section, then you can submit sell orders Monday through Friday for other users to buy.

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